Employee Policies

Academic and Professional Organizations (NSCS Board Policy 4050)
Academic Freedom; Faculty (NSCS Board Policy 4650)
Academic Program and Degree Requirements (NSCS Board Policy 4140)
Academic Program Approval and Review Procedure (NSCS Board Policy 4200)
Academic Responsibility; Faculty (NSCS Board Policy 4651)
Acceptable Use Policy
Acquisition of Real Property (NSCS Board Policy 8002)Revised
Adjunct Faculty (NSCS Board Policy 5015)
Ancillary Organizations (NSCS Board Policy 5501)
Anti-Harassment / Discrimination Policy (NSCS Board Policy 5007)
Application of Board Policies (NSCS Board Policy 2006)
Assessment Policy and Procedures (NSCS Board Policy 4220)Revised
Athletic Concussion Policy
Athletic Medication Management Policy
Athletic Scheduling Policy
Audits and General Operations Financial Reports (NSCS Board Policy 6011)
Background Checks; Employees (NSCS Board Policy 5040)
Basis for Accounting; Structure and Classification (NSCS Board Policy 6002)
Board of Trustees Farmland; Endowment Fund; Use of Income (NSCS Board Policy 8075)
Bonding; System Officers/Employees (NSCS Board Policy 7006)
Budgets (NSCS Board Policy 7000)
Budgets; Operating, Requests, Adoption, Evaluation and Control (NSCS Board Policy 7001)
Capital Construction, Facility Maintenance and Repair Contracts (NSCS Board Policy 8064)Revised
Capital Construction; Budget Requests; Planning, Design, and Construction Documents (NSCS Board Policy 8060)
Capital Construction; Contracts; Design Build; Construction Management At Risk (NSCS Board Policy 8071)
Capital Construction; Gifts and Bequests for Facilities (NSCS Board Policy 8070)
Capital Construction; Inspections; Substantial Completion; Final Completion (NSCS Board Policy 8069)
Capitalization; Definitions and Classifications (NSCS Board Policy 7002)
Cash Funds; Source and Use (NSCS Board Policy 6004)
Categories of Personnel; Employees (NSCS Board Policy 5010)
Cell Phones and Stipends (NSCS Board Policy 7026)
Chancellor (NSCS Board Policy 5100)
Chancellor/Presidential Associate Appointment (NSCS Board Policy 5024)
Citizenship Status; Employment of Non-U.S. Citizens (NSCS Board Policy 5001)
Claims; Liability Insurance, State Claims Board (NSCS Board Policy 7009)
College Facility Master Plans (NSCS Board Policy 8016)
College Presidents (NSCS Board Policy 5101)
Computer Equipment Reuse and Disposal Policy
Computer Lab Use Policy
Computer Support Policy
Conflict of Interest; Employment Requirements (NSCS Board Policy 5002)
Conflict of Interest; Faculty; Sale of Books and Supplies to Students; Copyrights and Royalties; Patents (NSCS Board Policy 5003)
Consensual Relationships (NSCS Board Policy 5019)
Contracts and Agreements for Services (NSCS Board Policy 7015)Revised
Contracts; Sponsorships (Board Policy 7017)
Copyright Policy
Cornerstones and Plaques (NSCS Board Policy 8021)
Councils -- Colleges (NSCS Board Policy 2030)
CSC Sports Information Policy
Data Provisioning to 3rd Parties Policy
Degrees; General (NSCS Board Policy 4150)
Delegation of Authority to Make Certain Appointments (NSCS Board Policy 5021)
Depositories (NSCS Board Policy 6006)
Design and Delivery of Distance Education Courses (NSCS Board Policy 4730)Revised
Distinguished Service Awards (NSCS Board Policy 4500)
Dress Code Policy (Coaches and Athletic Administrative Staff)
Drug-Free Workplace; Standards of Conduct (NSCS Board Policy 5006)
Emeritus Status (NSCS Board Policy 5017)
Eminent Domain (NSCS Board Policy 8001)
Employee Appointments; Notice Requirements; Faculty and Professional Staff (NSCS Board Policy 5014)
Employee Injuries (NSCS Board Policy 5502)
Employee Use of System Technology Resources (NSCS Board Policy 5008)
Equal Employment Opportunity (NSCS Board Policy 5000)
Establishing and Use of Reserves (NSCS Board Policy 6005)
Facilities - Conditions of Use / Breakage and Damage Policy
Facilities - Dances on Campus Policy
Facilities - Signage/Decorations Policy
Facilities - Use and Reservations Policy
Facilities - Vehicles and Loading / Unloading Policy
Facilities and Information Technology Resources Utilization; Non-College Purposes, Fees and Charges (NSCS Board Policy 8025)
Facilities: Planning for Technology (NSCS Board Policy 8036)
Facilities; Access, Physical Disability (NSCS Board Policy 8032)
Facilities; Alcohol Use (NSCS Board Policy 8035)
Facilities; Energy Conservation (NSCS Board Policy 8031)
Facilities; Environment and Safety Precautions, Fire and Safety Inspection Reports (NSCS Board Policy 8033)
Facilities; Inventory (NSCS Board Policy 8015)
Facilities; Leasing or Renting Off-Campus or On-Campus Space (NSCS Board Policy 8027)
Facilities; Maintenance, Deferred Repair, Preventive Maintenance (NSCS Board Policy 8030)
Facilities; Smoking Areas (NSCS Board Policy 8034)
Faculty Employees Excluded from the SCEA Bargaining Unit (NSCS Board Policy 5102)
Faculty Exchange Agreements (NSCS Board Policy 4610)
Family-Friends-Pets in the Workplace Policy
Federal Personal Information Security Programs (NSCS Board Policy 7004)
Financial Exigency (NSCS Board Policy 6012)
Food Service; Contracts; Students (NSCS Board Policy 9016)
Food Service; Operations; Contracts; Vendors (NSCS Board Policy 9015)
Foundations; Annual Reports (NSCS Board Policy 6030)
Gifts, Bequests and Endowments Policy
Graduate Assistants (NSCS Board Policy 5016)
Guidelines for Reasonable Cause Drug and Alcohol Testing (NSCS Board Policy 5009)
Hazardous Material and Waste Control (NSCS Board Policy 2810)
Health Services (NSCS Board Policy 3510)
Honorary Degrees (NSCS Board Policy 4510)
Income; Gifts and Bequests - Control, Solicitation and Commemoration (NSCS Board Policy 6025)
Income; Non-State Funds (NSCS Board Policy 6024)
Income; State Lands (NSCS Board Policy 6026)
Income; Systemwide Fees; Individual College Fees (NSCS Board Policy 6022)
Income; Tuition and Fees - Refunds (NSCS Board Policy 6023)
Independent Living Policy
Information Security Policy
Information Security Program (NSCS Board Policy 7003)
Information Technology (IT) Purchasing and Services (Board Policy 7018)New
Injury Leave and Workers' Compensation (NSCS Board Policy 5503)
Institutional and Program Accreditation (NSCS Board Policy 4620)
Institutional Organization (NSCS Board Policy 2500)
Intercampus Hiring Procedures (NSCS Board Policy 5022)
Inventories and Disposal of Surplus Personal Property (NSCS Board Policy 7014)
Investments (NSCS Board Policy 6007)
Labor Negotiations (NSCS Board Policy 5700)
Lease-Purchase Agreements (NSCS Board Policy 7012)
Meals; Reimbursement (NSCS Board Policy 7024)
Military Leave (NSCS Board Policy 5608)
Mission Statement; Core Values, and Vision Statement (NSCS Board Policy 2510)
Naming of Buildings and Other Facilities (NSCS Board Policy 8020)
Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education (NSCS Board Policy 4800)
Non-Residence Halls; Operations, Contracts, Damage Deposits (NSCS Board Policy 9012)
Off-Campus and Out-of-State Course and Program Offerings (NSCS Board Policy 4710)
Online Privacy Policy
Overtime; State College Employees (NSCS Board Policy 5032)
Personnel Information (NSCS Board Policy 5018)
Policy on Creation and Revision of College Policies
Political Activities; State College Employees (NSCS Board Policy 5005)
Political Leave (NSCS Board Policy 5610)
Professional Consulting Services Related to Capital Construction (NSCS Board Policy 8066)Revised
Prompt Payments (NSCS Board Policy 6015)
Public Corporation and Fiscal Year (NSCS Board Policy 6001)
Public Service (NSCS Board Policy 4350)
Purchases; Bids; Protest (NSCS Board Policy 7011)
Purchasing of Materials and Equipment (NSCS Board Policy 7010)Revised
Real and Personal Property (NSCS Board Policy 8000)
Real Property; Demolition (NSCS Board Policy 8004)
Real Property; Disposal (NSCS Board Policy 8003)
Real Property; Easements (NSCS Board Policy 8007)
Religious Activities (NSCS Board Policy 2820)
Reports to Board of Trustees (NSCS Board Policy 8050)
Research (NSCS Board Policy 4320)
Residence Hall; Operations (NSCS Board Policy 9010)
Residence Hall; Students, Contracts, Room Reservation Processing Fee (NSCS Board Policy 9011)
Responsible Network Use Policy
Retirement Plan; State College Employees (NSCS Board Policy 5405)
Retirement; Employees (NSCS Board Policy 5404)
Revenue Bond; Insurance; Property, General Liability (NSCS Board Policy 9030)
Revenue Bond; Use of Facilities, Fees and Charges (NSCS Board Policy 9035)
Revenue Bonds; Amortization (NSCS Board Policy 9003)
Revenue Bonds; Audits (NSCS Board Policy 9007)
Revenue Bonds; Budgets (NSCS Board Policy 9008)
Revenue Bonds; Debt Service Coverage; Payment of Utilities (NSCS Board Policy 9005)
Revenue Bonds; Facilities Corporation; Issuance of Bonds; Selection of Financial Advisor, Legal Counsel, Trustee and Underwriter (NSCS Board Policy 9009)
Revenue Bonds; Fees, Charges, Use (NSCS Board Policy 9004)
Revenue Bonds; Issuance, Public Corporation (NSCS Board Policy 9000)
Revenue Bonds; Issuance, Refunding, Use of Proceeds (NSCS Board Policy 9001)
Revenue Bonds; Leases, Rental of Property, Pledge of Fees and Revenue (NSCS Board Policy 9002)
Revenue Bonds; Use of Surplus Funds (NSCS Board Policy 9006)
Risk Avoidance, Risk Bearing Indemnification and Legal Defense (NSCS Board Policy 7007)
Risk Management (NSCS Board Policy 7008)
Safeguards; Cash and Personal Property (NSCS Board Policy 7005)
Salary Payment (NSCS Board Policy 5030)
Search and Selection Procedures; State College Employees (NSCS Board Policy 5020)
Security Camera Policy
Security Operations (NSCS Board Policy 8040)
Services; Bookstore, Student Center (NSCS Board Policy 9020)
State Treasurer (NSCS Board Policy 6003)
Student Debt; Payment Plans (NSCS Board Policy 6008)
Subrogation Rights; Board (NSCS Board Policy 5004)
Terms and Conditions of Employment for Professional Staff (NSCS Board Policy 5103)Revised
Terms and Conditions of Employment for Support Staff (NSCS Board Policy 5104)Revised
Travel; Motor Pool (NSCS Board Policy 7020)
Travel; Personnel; Airplanes (NSCS Board Policy 7022)
Travel; Personnel; Claims, Authorization (NSCS Board Policy 7021)
Tree Removal (NSCS Board Policy 8008)
Trespass; Policy and Procedure (NSCS Board Policy 8005)
Trust Funds (NSCS Board Policy 6018)
Tuition Rates (NSCS Board Policy 6021)Revised
Use of Telephones, Facsimile Equipment and Copy Machines (NSCS Board Policy 7025)
Vacating Streets (NSCS Board Policy 8006)
Vehicle Regulations and Parking (NSCS Board Policy 8042)
Veteran's Preference; Employment (NSCS Board Policy 5701)
Veterans Benefits and Transition Act of 2018 Compliance Policy
Volunteers (NSCS Board Policy 5025)
Weapons and Explosives Policy
Wireless Access Policy
Works of Art Related to Capital Construction (NSCS Board Policy 8067)Revised