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Welcome to the Chadron State College policies website. All officially approved CSC policies and Nebraska State College System policies will be listed on this website, as well as the academic catalogs, all handbooks, and links to NSCS negotiated agreements. Any copies (print or online) of policies that are inconsistent with the official version hosted on this site should be disregarded. The most current version of a policy, catalog, and handbook will be found on this site.

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New and Revised Policies

Athletics, Name, Image and Likeness Activities (NSCS Board Policy 3730)New9/9/2021
Information Technology (IT) Purchasing and Services (Board Policy 7018)New9/9/2021
Student Journalism (NSCS Board Policy 3350)New9/9/2021
Acquisition of Real Property (NSCS Board Policy 8002)Revised9/9/2021
Capital Construction, Facility Maintenance and Repair Contracts (NSCS Board Policy 8064)Revised9/9/2021
Professional Consulting Services Related to Capital Construction (NSCS Board Policy 8066)Revised9/9/2021
Purchasing of Materials and Equipment (NSCS Board Policy 7010)Revised9/9/2021
Terms and Conditions of Employment for Professional Staff (NSCS Board Policy 5103)Revised9/9/2021
Terms and Conditions of Employment for Support Staff (NSCS Board Policy 5104)Revised9/9/2021
Tuition Remission (NSCS Board Policy 3400)Revised9/9/2021
Works of Art Related to Capital Construction (NSCS Board Policy 8067)Revised9/9/2021
Contracts and Agreements for Services (NSCS Board Policy 7015)Revised9/9/2021
Residency (NSCS Board Policy 3050)Revised9/9/2021
Undergraduate Admission (NSCS Board Policy 3000)Revised9/9/2021
Chosen Name and Gender Identity (NSCS Board Policy 3660)New7/30/2021
Professional Development Courses (NSCS Board Policy 4440)New7/30/2021
Assessment Policy and Procedures (NSCS Board Policy 4220)Revised7/30/2021
Design and Delivery of Distance Education Courses (NSCS Board Policy 4730)Revised7/30/2021
Student Records (NSCS Board Policy 3650)Revised7/30/2021
Tuition Rates (NSCS Board Policy 6021)Revised7/30/2021
Academic Fresh Start PolicyNew7/22/2021
Capitalization; Definitions and Classifications (NSCS Board Policy 7002)Revised7/1/2021
Conduct & Discipline; Students (NSCS Board Policy 3100)Revised6/17/2021
Due Process -- Students (NSCS Board Policy 3200)Revised6/17/2021
Grievance Policy & Procedures for Sexual Harassment & Sex Discrimination (NSCS Board Policy 3020)Revised6/17/2021
Grievance Procedures -- Students (NSCS Board Policy 3210)Revised6/17/2021
Meals; Reimbursement (NSCS Board Policy 7024)Revised6/17/2021
Student Organizations; Conduct & Discipline (NSCS Board Policy 3300)Revised6/17/2021
Travel; Personnel; Claims, Authorization (NSCS Board Policy 7021)Revised6/17/2021
Nebraska State College System Organizational Chart (NSCS Board Policy 2550)Revised6/17/2021