Student Policies

Absence Policy (Teaching Internship)
Academic Amnesty Policy
Academic Fresh Start Policy
Academic Good Standing, Probation & Suspension Policy
Academic Honesty Policy
Acceptable Use Policy
Accommodations for Students with Disabilities (NSCS Board Policy 3700)
Accompanist Policy
ACES Grade Policy
Admission Requirements; Graduate (NSCS Board Policy 3010)
Admissions Policy (Graduate)
Admissions Policy (Professional Social Work Program)
Alcohol and Drug Policy
Alcohol Policy (Student-Athlete)
Athletic Concussion Policy
Athletic Medication Management Policy
Athletics Participation Policy (Student-Athlete)
Athletics, Name, Image and Likeness Activities (NSCS Board Policy 3730)New
Athletics; Program Guidelines (NSCS Board Policy 3710)
Athletics; Student Athletic Injury Insurance (NSCS Board Policy 3720)
Audited Course Policy
Changes of Registration and Withdrawal Policy
Chosen Name and Gender Identity (NSCS Board Policy 3660)New
Class Attendance and/or Participation Policy
Code of Student Conduct Policy
College Calendar (NSCS Board Policy 4001)
College Diversity and Multiculturalism (NSCS Board Policy 3675)
College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Policy
College Right to Change, Discontinue Programs (NSCS Board Policy 3011)
Computer Lab Use Policy
Conduct & Discipline; Students (NSCS Board Policy 3100)
Consensual Relationships (NSCS Board Policy 5019)
Copyright Policy
Credit Hour Definition and Assignment to Course Modalities (NSCS Board Policy 4141)
Criminal History Information; Students (NSCS Board Policy 3001)
Designated Smoking Areas - CSC Campus Policy
Dual Enrollment Courses Delivered to High School Students (NSCS Board Policy 4420)
Due Process -- Students (NSCS Board Policy 3200)
Electronic and Recording Devices in Class Policy
Equal Educational Opportunity (NSCS Board Policy 2700)
Equal Employment and Education Opportunity Policy
Facilities - Conditions of Use / Breakage and Damage Policy
Facilities - Dances on Campus Policy
Facilities - Signage/Decorations Policy
Facilities - Student Clubs/Organizations Policy
Facilities - Use and Reservations Policy
Facilities - Vehicles and Loading / Unloading Policy
Field Internship Student Evaluation Policy
Field Study Policy
Financial Aid Refund Policy
First Year Inquiry Academic Reprieve Policy
Grade Appeals Policy
Graduation (NSCS Board Policy 4151)
Grievance Policy & Procedures for Sexual Harassment & Sex Discrimination (NSCS Board Policy 3020)
Grievance Procedures -- Students (NSCS Board Policy 3210)
Housing (NSCS Board Policy 3500)
Immunization Policy
Independent Living Policy
Insurance Coverage Policy (Student-Athlete)
Late Payment Policy
Library Circulation Policy (King Library)
Library Gifts and Donations Policy
Medical Clearance Policy (Student-Athlete)
Military Tuition Assistance Policy
Missing Student Notification Policy
Nebraska Access Program (NSCS Board Policy 3401)
Nelson Physical Activity Center (NPAC) Policy
Open Flame Policy
Out-of-Town Placements Policy
Payment Policy
Personal Safety in Social Work Policy
Personal Use of Vehicle in Social Work Policy
Posthumous Degrees (NSCS Board Policy 3601)
Professional Development Courses (NSCS Board Policy 4440)New
Professional Development Courses For Educators Policy
Professional Liability Insurance Coverage in Social Work Policy
Recommended College Preparatory Program (NSCS Board Policy 4400)
Religious Activities (NSCS Board Policy 2820)
Residence Hall / Apartment Contract Policy
Residency (NSCS Board Policy 3050)Revised
Responsible Network Use Policy
Rights and Responsibilities; Students (NSCS Board Policy 3250)
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (Graduate - MBA)Revised
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (Graduate - MSOM/ME/MAE)Revised
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (Undergraduate)Revised
Sexual Harassment and Sex Discrimination (NSCS Board Policy 5011)
Sexual Harassment in Social Work Field Internships Policy
Student Journalism (NSCS Board Policy 3350)New
Student Organizations; Conduct & Discipline (NSCS Board Policy 3300)
Student Records (NSCS Board Policy 3650)Revised
Student-Athlete Conduct for Travel Policy
Teaching Internship Policy
Termination from Social Work Field Instruction Policy
Termination From Social Work Program Policy
Time in Practicum Policy
Tobacco Policy (Student-Athlete)
Transfer of Credit Policy (Graduate)
Transfer of Credit Policy (Undergraduate)
Transfer of Credits and Degrees (NSCS Board Policy 4430)
Travel and Expense Policy
Tuition Refund Policy
Tuition Remission (NSCS Board Policy 3400)Revised
Undergraduate Admission (NSCS Board Policy 3000)Revised
Unlawful Harassment (Other) Reporting, Policies and Procedures (NSCS Board Policy 3021)
Use of Humans and Animal Participants in Research Policy
Weapons and Explosives Policy
Wireless Access Policy