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Student Complaints and Appeals

Chadron State College’s ultimate objective is to assist students in achieving their academic goals. In cases where the student might have concerns, complaints or a desire to appeal or file a grievance, the following procedures have been established to address these concerns, complaints, appeals and grievances.

Academics Concerns/Complaints

Academic concerns should be discussed with the appropriate faculty or staff member with the goal to resolve the issue at this level. If the concern is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student, the student may contact Office of Student Academic Issues and Concerns (SAIC) at For more information about Student Academic Issues and Concerns, please visit the SAIC website.

Academic Appeals

Student Affairs Concerns/Complaints

Student behavior issues, concerns, and complaints can be directed to Mr. Jon Hanson Vice President for Enrollment Management, Marketing and Student Services  at Such student behaviors might be bullying, roommate issues, privacy invasion issues, stalking, safety etc.

Sexual harassment, sexual violence or discrimination based on sex or gender report to Title IX Coordinator, Ted Tewahade by calling 308-430-0980 or by emailing If there is an immediate threat, contact 911 (or dial 9-911 on campus phones).

Discrimination based on race, color, religion or disability report to Ted Tewahade by calling 308-430-0980 or by emailing

Violation of Student Rights

Submitting a grievance in writing, it should include the exact nature of the grievance, the act(s) of commission or omission, the date(s) of the act(s), the identity of the grievant, the identity of the party(ies) alleged to have caused the grievance, provisions of any agreement, bylaws, rules, policies or practices that are alleged to have been violated, and the remedy that is sought. For more information on filing a grievance, please visit the Student Handbook.

Student Services/Student Affairs Appeals

Enrollment Appeals
Drop/Add/Withdraw Appeals
Financial Aid Suspension Appeals
Scholarship Appeals
Payment Plan Exceptions Appeals
Administrative Drop Appeals
Parking Fine Appeals - Appeal forms may be picked up at the CSC Business Office, completed and returned to Sparks, Room 113.

Note. If there are other concerns not covered under these sections, direct your concerns to Mr. Jon Hanson Vice President for Enrollment Management, Marketing and Student Services  at and he will take appropriate actions for resolution.

Individuals may also submit complaints to Nebraska's Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education (CCPE), the NC-SARA portal agency. The complaint process is described on the CCPE website.

Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education
P.O. Box 95005
Lincoln, NE 68509-5005