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Two Capitals: London & Dublin


From London’s royal heritage and cultural hubs to Dublin’s historical past and emerald landscapes, you will experience two fascinating cities. Step outside the classroom and embark on a journey to explore your academic field in a different country.

This program is available for Art, Business, Counseling, Criminal Justice, Education, English, Legal Studies, Psychology, and Essential Studies credits.

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Business | Education | Justice Studies | Counseling | Psychology

Cuba Libre

Travel to Havana, Cuba. This Essential Studies Capstone course investigates the historical path to the Cuban Revolution of 1959, the literary and artistic aspects of Cuban society pre and post revolution and the position of Cuba in the larger world. Classroom work will connect directly to the educational experiences while on the island of Cuba. This program is offered as a variable credit course from 1 to 6 hours

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Faculty-Led programs require a $50.00 Study Abroad Fee with Application.