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Complete the form below to request access to Upon completion of the form, you will receive an email from the Teaching and Learning Center with account credentials and instructions. If all the TLC’s licenses are currently in use, your name will be placed on a waitlist, and you will receive account credentials and instructions as soon as a license becomes available.

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About the Service

What is is an online subscription library of high-quality instructional videos covering a wide range of topics. Users can master new skills at their own pace online. The resource offers courses related to higher education, teaching, creative and business software, and more. For additional information, watch Lynda Weinman’s introduction to the service, “I’m Ready to Learn Today.”

How do I obtain access to

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) manages a limited number of licenses. So, free and full access is available to CSC faculty and staff members. To request access, click on the “request access” link (above). User access is limited to eight weeks. Once the eight-week period expires, you will receive certificates of completion for any tutorials or courses you have watched in their entirety, then your access will terminate. provides instructions for using the site and content library online. “How to Use” with Garrick Chow is an excellent resource. The information is organized in such a way that it can be used as a “quick start” guide but also serves as a comprehensive “how to” manual.

For more information about contact the TLC’s Instructional Technology & Design Specialist, Elizabeth Ledbetter ( or 308.432.6275).

Course & Tutorial Recommendations


The TLC staff invites you to explore some professional development options. Click a category link to review the courses and tutorials we recommend. Category pages provide additional information about the course facilitator, the recommended audience, as well as some of CSC’s MAP priorities/goals which the course or tutorial may support.

  1. Communication Techniques
    This category includes courses and tutorials designed to strengthen skills in speaking, writing, listening, and presentation.
  2. Instructional Strategies & Emerging Technologies
    This category includes courses and tutorials that expose educators to engaging teaching strategies and cutting-edge instructional technologies.
  3. Productivity Applications
    This category includes courses and tutorials that teach productivity applications, such as Office 365 as well as other computer basics.
  4. Data Collection, Analysis & Search Strategies
    This category includes courses and tutorials about tracking and analyzing data and utilizing search strategies to locate data.
  5. Customer Service, Organization & Time Management
    This category includes courses and tutorials that facilitate the development of customer service, organization, and time-management skills.
  6. Instructional Design, E-learning & Accessibility
    This category includes courses and tutorials that provide course development instruction, including design strategies for active learning and universal access.
  7. Web Design & New Media Publishing
    This category includes courses and tutorials on web design; participants learn to create digital content for online publications.
  8. Creative Endeavors
    This category includes courses and tutorials that are inspiring and promote creativity.