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Chadron State College Transfer Evaluation System (TES)

The Transfer Evaluation System is a tool you can use to see how coursework from other colleges and universities transfers to Chadron State College. The list of courses in this guide is not comprehensive; we are continually updating with more courses and institutions.

Transfer Articulation Guide

  1. Find the institution where you took courses.
  2. Select the Search link next to the institution to view all equivalencies for that institution.
  3. View all equivalencies OR enter the Course/Subject Code for the transfer institution (select Transfer Course button) or the Course/Subject Code for the CSC course (select Home Course button) and click Search.
  4. Find your transfer course in the left-hand column. The right-hand column will tell you the CSC equivalent.
  5. Select the "View" button next to the course for additional notes about the transfer course.
  6. Courses can be added to a list by selecting the "My List Add" button or %% icon next to transfer course.
  7. You can view all courses added to your list by selecting the list icon in the top right corner. This list can be printed or emailed by clicking on the appropriate icon in the top right corner.

The information provided here is only a guide and should be considered unofficial. Final determination of transfer credit acceptance is ultimately made by an academic advisor in your area of study. Please read the CSC Transfer Policy Procedures for additional information about general transfer credit guidelines.

For information about the transfer of courses between the Nebraska Colleges or Universities please visit

For information about the transfer of courses from institutions outside the United States please visit the International Students page.

For information about the transfer of Military Service credits please visit the Military and Veteran Services page.

If you are a current CSC student, please check your MyCSC Account to see how your transfer credit has been articulated.

**Current CSC students must obtain approval from the Records Office prior to enrolling in a course from another institution that they plan to transfer back to CSC to meet a requirement.

These transfer guides are subject to change without prior notice at the discretion of the academic departments at Chadron State College. They may be updated at any time.

Transfer Credit

Transferology™ is a nation-wide network that gives students quick answers on how their college credits and other learning experiences transfer to higher education institutions within the network. Transferology assists advisors, students, and parents in making educated decisions when transferring credit. Students can enter coursework and instantly see how credits transfer to member institutions.

You may enter coursework, exams, and/or military learning experiences, then discover in a single click how many schools in the Transferology network have matching courses that may be awarded when you transfer. Schools are ranked by the percentage of coursework they accept in transfer, though you may focus the results with a number of handy filters and sorts, including how your courses transfer into a specific program at another college or university.

Details of how those courses will count are available with another click or two, and you can inform schools of your interest in transferring by asking about specific programs, campus visits, and/or coursework that has not yet been evaluated by the school.

Visit to start exploring how your credits will transfer to or from Chadron State College.