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Vice President for Academic Affairs

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James Powell, Ph.D.

Dr. James Powell is the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) at Chadron State College (CSC) which is one of the three institutions of the Nebraska State College System (NSCS). The VPAA is the chief academic officer of CSC – undergraduate and graduate level. Dr. Powell has served CSC since 2015, initially as Dean for the School of Professional Studies & Applied Sciences, School of PSAS, Curriculum and Assessment & Accreditation, and currently as the VPAA since January 2020.

The VPAA provides academic leadership for the general administration, organization, budget development, planning, and policy development of the academic programs and activities of the campus. As the President's principal advisor on academic policy, the VPAA directs academic planning activities and allocates academic resources. This position provides academic leadership to the campus:

  • promoting excellence, especially in organization learning and student learning;
  • cultivating a community of learners engaged in critical self-reflection, continuous improvement, and evidence-based decision-making;
  • coordinating artifacts/evidence of accountability and transparency for external entities;
  • developing collaborative connections and relationships with other higher education institutions, organizations, and entities to enhance quality, reduce cost, and promote organizational growth and development;
  • fostering a healthy collegial environment and a commitment to civility.

The VPAA is a member of the President’s Cabinet, Executive Council chair, Academic Review Committee chair, Institutional Research Committee chair, and VPAA Council Committee chair.  At the NSCS level, the VPAA represents CSC Academic Affairs at the Chief Academic Officers and the Board of Trustees meetings.